ACTS A/V Ministry

Director: Rev. 
Bradley Chatman, Associate Pastor

Our job is to have a heart for God, eyes for video, and an ear for sound.
The A/V Ministry ensures that all graphical, audio, and video presentations are done professionally to the glory of God. We revere the mission by giving the position respect, priority and our personal best, eliminating distractions in order for people to worship God and stay attentive and focused on the activities of the service. Responsibilities include organizing, audio/video recording, microphone and stage setup and teardown, audio engineering, digital media, editing, and live stream video. The A/V Ministry makes sure that God’s messages are complimented by technology.

The A/V ministry compliments God’s messages in an effective, efficient, and
contemporary manner by providing speakers, singers, and others with necessary
A/V equipment for effectively communicating during services and public assemblies.
Our motto is “Don’t just let it happen…help make it happen!”

Provide professional audio/visual production during worship meetings and
videos on ACTS Campus Ministry social media.


  • Properly train a/v ministry volunteers
  • Secure and maintain a/v equipment in proper working condition
  • Provide clear and intelligible sound that is transparent and distraction
    free to the listener
  • Capture and archive activities of the church through motion and sound
  • Provide audio and video services that is worthy of the worship of Jesus Christ
  • Provide audio and video of services on social media as a source of evangelism

“Behold, I will do a new thing; now shall it spring forth; shall ye not know it?” (Isaiah 43:19).


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