ACTS Hospitality Ministry

Director: Arranda Gardner

We provide hospitality services to visitors and members on a weekly basis,
and help facilitate the hospitality table and offertory at worship services
with an inviting atmosphere and an attitude of love and care. We also
answer people’s questions, providing up-to-date information about all
ministry resources and activities. We handle visitor follow-up with emails,
notes, calls, visits, and interfacing with pastors and ministry staff for ministry
and personal needs for both members and visitors. We plan and prepare the
VIP Breakfast for visitors to meet our bishop and pastors. We encourage and
strengthen the connections and fellowship among congregational members to
enhance their spiritual growth and social interaction for the purpose of building
close relationships and sharing Jesus.

Generate a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees of ACTS Campus Ministry
worship meetings to ensure a positive experience for them by minimizing
distractions and providing organized service in gathering contact information,
answering questions, providing information about ACTS, collecting offerings,
and preparing visitor follow-up.

Everyone attending our worship meetings feels welcomed and loved, deciding
to make our ministry their church home.


  • Develop friendly greeters
  • Oversee hospitality table for all worship services
  • Prepare volunteers with necessary materials to set hospitality table and
    add special touches to the display
  • Make auditorium clean and inviting
  • Facilitate offertory systematically and flawlessly
  • Help visitors and members feel welcome and loved at all worship meetings by greeting them with a smile and friendly conversation and guiding them to a seat where they will feel comfortable sitting
  • Monitor all pre-service and service time activities to eliminate distractions or hindrances in the service
  • Encourage transformation from visitor to member

“For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness” (Psalm 84:10).


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