Christ Ministries School of Divinity Degree Requirements


Christ Ministries School of Divinity’s Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is intended to prepare students for professional work in Christian ministry within local churches as well as para-church organizations. The M.Div. program provides an in-depth knowledge of biblical leadership principles and methods, and an in-depth study of Scripture and Christian principles. Coursework places emphasis on embracing the essential values, knowledge, and skills needed to serve in a variety of roles as a pastor, missionary, evangelist, etc.

Length: 96 credit hours. Students typically complete this degree in 2 years.

Format: Courses are delivered face-to-face and online.

Program Outcomes

Graduates of this program:

  • Experience holistic formation with emphasis on Christ-like character and spiritual vitality.
  • Develop competence in biblical literacy and interpretation, ministerial ethics, and theological reflection, Christian counseling, leadership, and pulpit ministry.
  • Prepare for Christ-centered leadership in the education, training and development of communities served.
  • Enhance their global competence for balanced understanding, practice and participation in diverse contemporary contexts of life.
  • Advance their proficiency in the content, theory and practice of ministerial leadership.
  • Advance their proficiency in biblical studies.

Core Courses

Students in the M.Div. program take 18 credit hours of “context” courses, 30 credit hours of “perspectives” courses and 18 credit hours of “concentration” courses. In addition, M.Div. students take at least three credit hours associated with a supervised ministry experience, and three credit hours associated with a summative experience.

Context Courses
DIV 500 Foundations of the Apostles Doctrine 4 credits
DIV 501 Acts of the Apostles I 4 credits
DIV 502 Acts of the Apostles II 4 credits
DIV 503 Acts of the Apostles III 4 credits
DIV 504 Acts of the Apostles IV 4 credits
DIV 505 Identity of the Minister 4 credits
DIV 506 Pentecostal Theology I – One God 4 credits
DIV 506 Pentecostal Theology II – New Birth 4 credits
DIV 507 Prayer and the Minister 4 credits
DIV 508 Evangelism: Sowing and Reaping 4 credits
DIV 509 Glossolalia 4 credits
DIV 509 Growing Leaders 4 credits
DIV 510 Administrative Leadership Skills 4 credits
DIV 511 Ministerial Development Basics 4 credits
DIV 512 Ministerial Development Advanced 4 credits
DIV 513 Practical Skills for Spiritual Leaders 4 credits
DIV 514 Prayer and Fasting 4 credits
DIV 515 Praying with Purpose 4 credits
DIV 516 Preparation for Biblical Messages 4 credits
DIV 517 Pulpit Ministry 4 credits
DIV 518 Christian Ethics 4 credits
DIV 519 Pastoral Counseling 4 credits
DIV 520 Supervised Ministry Experience 4 credits
DIV 521 Supervised Ministry Experience 4 credits
DIV 522 Summative Experience 4 credits
DIV 523 Preventing Ministry Failure 4 credits

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