Bishop Andrew and Wanda Kay Robinson

Bishop Andrew Robinson, Ph.D., D.Div., and Rev. Wanda Kay Robinson M.S., M.Div., have dedicated over 30 years of their lives to the ministry. Since founding ACTS Campus Ministry at Eastern Illinois University in 2007, they have found this to be their most favorite and rewarding ministry. They also co-founded Christ Ministries School of Divinity in January 2013, where individuals with a call to pulpit ministry can earn a Master of Divinity and become an ordained minister. In August 2015, they expanded ACTS Campus Ministry to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where two graduates from their school of divinity were installed as pastors. Bishop and Wanda Kay have a vision for ACTS Campus Ministries to be on every university campus throughout the United States and beyond.

Bishop and Wanda Kay seek the Lord in prayer for leadership over the flock, what message should be given, and for the presence of Jesus to saturate the congregation. They continually seek to provide an outlet for students to utilize their God-given gifts and talents and discover their divine purpose.

Bishop and Wanda Kay also provide private counseling sessions for individuals and couples seeking Godly counsel/guidance regarding issues they are dealing with. Bishop and Wanda Kay serve as spiritual parents to many students who attend the ACTS Campus Ministry’s. Most importantly, they serve with and out of LOVE for Jesus and for His people!

To contact them you can contact them at:

  • Bishop Dr. Andrew Robinson: (217) 721-9975 or
  • Rev. Wanda Kay Robinson: (217) 518-2665 or

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