ACTS Divine Praise Ministry

Director: Christina Peter

ACTS Divine Praise Ministry sets the tone for worship services through anointed worship in music, singing, and praise.

To glorify God through praise, worship, music and song, by performing and serving skillfully with discipline and humility before God, leading our congregation and creating an environment of worship by ushering in the Presence of God.

To usher in God’s Presence and guide the congregation into an atmosphere of praise and worship preparing their hearts to receive God’s Word and spiritual blessings during our Sunday worship meetings.

The entire congregation joins in heartfelt and sincere worship of Jesus Christ in inspirational singing and praise to the Lord.


  • Edify over entertaining
  • Focus congregation on worship
  • Sing unto the Lord with both talent and anointing
  • Practice for two hours each week – one hour midweek and
    one hour on Sunday morning
  • Create an atmosphere of praise and worship to usher in the Presence of the Lord
  • Foster a spirit of unity wherein people are comfortable to praise the Lord and commune with their Creator
  • Prepare hearts for the preaching of the Word of God

“O magnify the LORD with me; and let us exalt His name together”  (Psalm 34:3).


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